You should fix this thing

Aight, this thing have to be fixed, and this central planning shit is gonna kill vires/waves, and I got too much money locked for far too long to accept it. Too many people whine and whine, not understanding economics. If you borrow money, you risk liquidiation, that’s how life works. If you supply money, you risk the borrower not paying, that’s how life works. You don’t get a bailout, there’s no one to save you.

From an economics standpoint, you’re trying to play god. And it wont work.

  • First you need to uncap interest, and I mean completely. It should technically be possible to get to infinity… People will find equilibrium on their own… And don’t come at me with “but people can’t borrow at 2% for it suddenly to be 100%”… That’s risk, live with it or don’t gamble with your money. Alternatively, add a seperate market with ability to cap interest. Maybe you can find suppliers willing to take the risk.

  • Then you gotta fix this whole import/borrow thing… You already limited withdrawals. And it shouldn’t be needed at all. people would be liquidated by now, and plenty of supply would be available, if you didn’'t cap interest.

  • Then remove this shitty withdrawal limit. Small suppliers aren’t more important than big suppliers. And the same goes the other way… whales aren’t more important than a cod. We all take the risk equally.

Vires will die if you keep this up. Institutions will see you as a joke, and retail will see you as just another wallstreet tryna fuck them over. Waves will follow and die as well. Cuz everyone knows it’s the same team.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the vires to actually put up a proposal for anything, nor do I have the capabilities to formulate it other than this.

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