Why waves team is not repaying their loans?

As in the title.

THIS IS BY FAR the biggest and the most detrimental issue that we are facing.
This issue is caused by the WAVES TEAM itself.

I think there are following reasons of current situation:

  1. WAVES TEAM already knows that the USDN will depeg sooner or later and they wanted to have normal stablecoins instead. So they “borrowed” and they are not going to repay…
  2. They don’t have funds and this would make the situation even worser. They are playing for time.
  3. If they start to sell huge amount of USDN in the market the USDN will depeg like UST.
  4. Even if they got liquidated, they will still have normal stablecoins and the liquidity providers will get USDN…

We should discuss here the root cause of the Virus liquidity squeeze.

It would be great if WAVES TEAM itself could say something about current dire situation.


Thief calling other people thieves, can’t be taken serious.

It’s within system rules. If WAVES team “borrows” and blocks whole system is ok for you. Otherwise you get angry, interesting.

Some people should be warned before an armageddon happens like in Terra.

That’s an accusation you still haven’t proved. And I don’t buy rumours. You wanted to steal, cuz you think someone else stole. Nothing else.