Why is borrowing paused again without gov approval?

Didn’t we just pass a gov proposal to automatically adjust borrow rates based on utilization? Doesn’t pausing without gov approval make this no longer decentralized and diminish the value of the governance token?

I’m all for bashing dumb, but I think you’re doing something wrong,.
Borrowing paused when utilization > 90%,

On my UX, both USDT and USDC are at > 90%, and give " operation paused"
Other assets, gives me “no collateral”, since I do not have my supply set as collateral.

Nope, nevermind. I went back to proposal, you’re right. It should be > 80% not 90.

to be fair tho, that’s an emergency I can live with.

If I put 1 dollar, but can borrow 1.3$ in return. I will never have a reason to pay back the 1$, ever. No matter the interest, I’ll just leave my collateral stuck, until we either back to 1:1 or usdn dies.

So… I’ll live with this.

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I’m not referring to USDC/T. I’m referring to ETH, BTC, and WAVES which all have utilizations below 50%. You cannot borrow any of them because they paused them without any consensus, warning, or announcement.

I guess I’ll repeat myself, I dunno what else to tell you?

I confirm that waves borrow is paused, error message appear. Use is very low. Why the proposal then? This is scam :slightly_frowning_face:

Current Utilization


operation paused by op_borrow_paused