Where is my money of vires rewards?

The accumulated amount of money in vires rewards has dropped sharply.

I think it coincides with the amount in extra USDN, which we have been receiving for a while. I haven’t withdrawn the money for a while.

Yes, it seems that it is the accumulated amount of the extra USDN to compensate us, which they have been paying for 2 months. It was in a row apart from the usual USDN and has disappeared. I guess with the last change (proposal)

@admin please check it.

If anyone else had accumulated amounts of that additional USDN, not withdrawed yet, please check as well.

I already cashed it out after Sasha locked and took half the payout for himself, so can’t help you there. But here’s a lulz for you, he basically paid himself, great moneylaundering scheme lmfao.

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Thanks for the info. I should have done the same. Well, they already hijacked my USDT, I shouldn’t be surprised that they take part of my rewards in another movement.

I suppose that some parameter of the proposal took that USDN from here. GG vires team.

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It seems like they’ve abandoned the forum and are only active on telegram. I’d ask there for you, but I got banned lol

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I think I was banned too after asking legit questions that exposed their hypocrisy


I see they have fixed it now.

Official forum, but nobody said anything here… very unfortunate.

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instead, they took euro off of vires rewards to pump usdn bonus to get people to lock. lolol