When can I withdraw USDC?

This has been going on for a long time

Learn how to write a bot to check when there’s liquidity available, and automate withdrawals. That’ll be the only way to get your money, for a long time.

No one is paying off debt, it’s cheaper to keep it pilling up and just add more USDN as supply… You can thank idiots who voted to cap APY to 40% and then increase it on USDN only.

You can do like others and sell it on dex, but you’ll take a 50% loss on it that way.

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Don’t blame normal users for that voting. WAVES team has most of the tokens so they can do whatever they want. It’s VIRES “DAO”

Unless WAVES team repays their debt, treat the funds as lost.

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I can god damn see on blockchain what wallets vote, and what wallets don’t vote.

The 100k wallet, don’t have locked in governance.
The 2x 50k wallets, absteined last vote.

Guess who’s voting? The dude who bought up 3 times from 80 to 100$ and split it different accounts. He bought up like 20k, but still not enough on his own. Then there’s “normal” users. Like that even means anything.

Don’t dm me useless things I’m not gonna read whatever you sent me.