When are we able to get our money?

It’s been a while since withdrawals have been disabled. Is it following the Terra collapse ? When are we going to be able to withdraw USDC ? thank you

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Someone borrowed your money, until either more liquidity is added, or they pay back their debt, there’s no money to withdraw.

Ok thank you so I guess I will have to wait for a long time :clown_face:

Ufortunately, yes, Especially if people is dumb enough to put up a 12% cap on usdc/t,. Then… Well, let’s hope people aren’t that dumb. <.<

If you’re just waiting forever anyway, put them as liquidity on puzzle, should increase your apy at least a little bit.

This question should be addressed to WAVES team. If they repay their loans you may get some funds back. Otherwise treat the funds as lost. Eventually you may get possibly depegged USDN (if liquidation happens) or wait forever.

now we have 2%…

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