What is x-WXG?

I don’t see nothing related this change here, but we have BTC-WXG, ETH-WXG, USDC-WXG… now

It is the old bridges. “BTC-Waves Exchange Gateway” ETH-same, etc etc. They’re putting up the “pepe team” bridges instead, but well… I would use them with caution tho… Anon team, with a meme as their main stuff, and heavily pushed by waves team. Seems like a desperate measure they haven’t thought through.

It’s nothing but a name change. It will have zero effect on your stuck money unfortunately.

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It’s a scary, I have a btc withdraw on hold in wx exchange since 31 january. I suposed money in wallet (no invest) will be safe, but other error.

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The vote on WX is about to pass, so all gateway withdrawals will be reset, and you should get the transaction back.

But expect it to depeg more, when people dump their stuck token. I will make a gamble and buy the depeg tho. I have been very vocal about all this shit, but from what I see now, I think we still got a chance to turn things around, and seems like Sasha and WX team is actually working on stuff. So I will gamble on it, I’ve already bought a ton of surf and xtn and wx… If the gamble pays off, I’ll make good money, if not, I won’t lose too much. I mean, i’m practically buying 1$ for 0.005$ at the moment. It’s risk I’m okay taking.

I’ve even bought legacy VVusdn to add here. from 0.5 XTN up til now and will probably do so until 0.85 when it stops being profitable due to transaction costs. I might even lock the vires I’ll be getting from staking surf. Just because I can.

Guys if i where in you i would withdraw all my tokens an crypto from vires and any related protocol because they are a team of scammer/incompetent/desperate.

And they will soon disappear with all your funds.

You’re a year too late buddy.

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