We need more incentive who lock liquidity

Hi #viresarmy

I think we need more incentive for who look liquidity; i mean that 1.5% more in vires does not justify lock funds for 3 month (or more) so no one will lock funds anymore.

i think who lock liquidity need to receive more protocol revenue (not in vires, but from lender interest) instead who did not lock.



I rekt myself locking. Now I’m stuck for a year, with 6 digits worth of shitty USDC I don’t want, for measly 5% bonus vires. I regret it. Especially when I look at Sashas debt wallet… He’s just accumulating ETH and BTC. Debt going up by 450k+ a day, and instead of paying even a decimal, he’s trading WX back and forth. While he’s busy being an arrogant asshole on twitter, pandering to the #wavesarmy losers who just blindly worship anything he says.

I’ve been defending him since this whole thing started. Guess I’m the clown. I don’t believe anymore, that he he got the slightest clue about what he’s doing. I should have pulled out of waves when I had the chance. I could have dumped all my waves at 50$. Jokes on me.

much more annoying is, that after locking the percentage decrease. That is not the way to make a deal.

Yeah, I was warned, I just locked for 3 month. But won’t prolong it.


All I see is waves doing everything possible to tank price on LPs, so they can buy up cheap… Once they’ve bought up everything, they’ll start paying debt with everyone elses money.

Sasha is again out being a dick on twitter. He don’t give a shit about investors. His wallet got measly 25k USDC and 67k USDT accumulated. While debt is going up by 400k a day, and he’s busy buying ETH and BTC instead. All I see is him making a fortune, while the rest of us is stuck as hostages.

But it’s okay. If he don’t keep his promise of paying debt soon, lawsuits will come. And the SEC is gonna be my bulldog, I won’t need to do shit myself. He made a mistake moving HQ to Miami, I got businesses in the US, and some pretty good lawyers dealing with my paperwork.

With that said

If 3PEEsRmcWspCxhKqobvKY3axW1846AMRwzr ever comes on here to check. Send me a DM. We’ll make a deal for your vires.

One of my employees is a greedy asshole… He deals with all code for my company. He changed my idea for a proposal some. It’ll destroy waves tho, but we’ll at least get some of out money back, when Sasha gotta pay 2500% on his debt. Cuz he can’t block it with the amount of vires you got available. And you can’t sell anyway with that amount, you’ll get like 2% taking the price to zero if you sell on dex.

i’m agree with your opinion

May be you can consider to support this proposal