WAVES Team has no incentive of steal money from Vires

So many criticisms does not get a point.
500M debt is much smaller than USDN WAVES market cap.

That`s why, Team has no incentive of stole a penny from Vires.
Don’t panic.

What do you think?

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The problem is that those who have the biggest voice in changing the rules of the game in this system are its biggest debtors.

now - after the change of 80 by 40% - we have to wait for our funds not for 30-50 days, but for 100-200 days.


this address was the biggest problem. he lost 1.5 million bucks a day.
now it’s 0.4 million
he will thank you for sure. but what to do with the other 99% of participants ?!
I’m shocked.

instead of increasing the cost of credit and introducing an additional fee after disposal (for an increased interest rate) - you decided to stretch this story 2-3 times longer. now the elimination of these accounts that created this story will be at least six months.

Those who created this problem have the most votes and leverage to influence it. not an ordinary user - namely those who created the problem.


That here and who did not write here - your thoughts are nothing.

there is 1 player - who “manipulates” this whole system. and the further he goes, the more he controls her.

the last decision that continued his use of all USDD and USDC you see. now he is losing not $ 1.2 million but only $ 360,000.
3PEEsRmcWspCxhKqobvKY3axW1846AMRwzr (and today 22.04.2022 - 55100 Vires Protocol+ 52900 WTF)


I, like 99% of users - no one here, and any of your suggestions are nothing. since 1 player has the majority of votes. And he is not interested in solving the problems that were created by his actions.

we are currently the service staff, slaves - call it what you will - this user.

he gets more and more Vires Protocol every day. and its monopoly grows.

if the decision to be offered is not beneficial to this user - he will vote no.

And the team, for some reason, pretends that we can offer something and influence it. We are calmer thinking that we can influence the situation. believe in it further.

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I trust this team and they are doing a great job for the success of this project

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DAO is under whale controller. We strongly urge the team to stand up and lead everyone.

the worst thing is that the most “whale” is a member of the team.

and what is happening right now is a planned policy for:
1 - monopolies of the voting system which will belong to the 1st participant (or team. they do it very well right now)

2 - to force everyone to leave because of the liquidity of USDN. to speculate on the course which in fact is not 1 to 1, and sometimes the peak of the problem was 1.4 to 1. someone earned very well on this

I can’t withdraw my money for more than a month - nothing changes. the team does not change anything. recent decisions have slowed this process.

accordingly - it is beneficial to them

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USD Coin

the liquidity problem has not been resolved

Tether USD

1000 limit - not very honestly. a week to wait for the withdrawal of funds, and this is on condition - if all the liquidity is not taken away by other players.