VIP-042 Allow all of XTN to be vested immediately

Proposal ID

Current XTN vesting situation is unfair to many LPs, there is a simple fix that would allow everyone to rip the bandaid off and finally create meaninful progress:

Remove all of the vestings and conditions that are currently not really helping the situation in any way, allow everyone to have the access to its full liquid XTN position and then decide what do to with it.

There is no justification anymore to let these vestings that are unfair to bigger accounts, and it’s been more than enough time to let the smaller account completely out by now

Transaction Payload

  "type": 12,
  "version": 2,
  "data": [
      "key": "gVote",
      "type": "string",
      "value": "REmove all vestings effective immediately"
  "senderPublicKey": "3gQ8QUfoGQW6YVuhUv3zuqsbmxbV5F2FAuDXJqVKD6C9",
  "fee": 100000,
  "feeAssetId": "WAVES",
  "timestamp": 1679303389516

Wrong statement!
Smaller accounts were able to withdraw only less than 100XTN(USDN) until now.