VIP-026 (or 24.3) Optional vested conversion to USDN for > 250k

Anyone know what happened to the 2 month guaranteed APY for gVires holders?

As I see it, it will be paid out in USDN, beginning next week.


You can delete comments and topics all you want. Will just give more ammo for any lawsuit incoming.

Keep borrowing more and more from that debt wallet too. gogogogog. the more you steal the better.

And ahahahahahahah everyone voting yes thinking you’ll actually get 2 months “guaranteed APY” aAHAHAHAHAHAHA

You got hustled as always… Everyone locking from now, gets a share of your “guaranteed” profits, and as you can see, you’re already getting less again. hahahahahahahahahahaha You get what you vote for.

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If you’re talking about me. I apologize I am deleting comments because I’m limited to 3 comments since I’m new. Maybe they have lifted that…

I am not affiliated with Sasha nor the waves team… I just have a lot of capital invested, I’ve never had good outcomes when authorities or lawyers get involved…