VIP-026 (or 24.3) Optional vested conversion to USDN for > 250k

There’s something else I don’t understand. If it’s hard for Sasha to pay interest on the debt, as he himself said, why not just reduce them and that’s it?

Is the final outcome clear to anyone?
The final yes vote was about 20k shy of the threshold quantity to pass (~117k votes) yet it shows the proposal is broadcasting…
If it was not clear to folks what was happening before, it should be crystal by now.

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it passed. it’ll be implemented tomorrow morning. quorum was 115.9k i believe. but yeah… you’re right. its manipulated.

It is very clear. The Proposal has passed. The quorum (117K) is the total of votes (yes votes plus no votes). We have exceeded the quorum and we have more yes than no, so the proposal has passed.

if you don’t know what quorum means, we can’t help you

Is the profitability on viruses that the platform now shows - will it remain so for now? Or will it return TODAY to the previous one for 2 months❓After this question, I was blocked again in the Vires.Finance chat


I hope the Waves and Vires team learn from their mistakes after this. You’ve cost me a lot of money.

How there wasn’t an option to buy back vires holders tokens I’ll never know.

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It was part of proposal to keep revenue of Vires for TWO months! Why it’s not implemented???


Yeah I’m confused by this, my understanding was that we would receive 2 months worth of interest of the original debt? That was the only nice thing about the proposal. You get shafted but at least still get interest for 2 months.


Since they have not solved the root problem (usdn oracle), now (when they allow it) the people who have been given that wet dollar can come and exchange it for the little liquidity that has remained. Meanwhile we continue with the options blocked for betting on the platform XD


I believe they said it would be paid in USDN incentives. They never explained more than that because they knew they didn’t need to since they were just gonna cram the vote through. I guess we’ll find out?

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Or what? LOL

If you say so… LOL

It is quite sad tho

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What is the best option to go with?
I’m over the 250

I don’t get this legacy account…

I’m not sure what you’re referring to. Can you explain what you mean please.

Why is the withdraw button disabled on the legacy markets?

Arent we supposed to be able to keep withdrawing according to liquidity if we dont want to opt for the vested USDN?

also if you withdraw from the markets you should have your position replenished automatically up to 250K from your legacy market position, keeping you at all times with 250K on the supply markets

I don’t think it helps to continue to sh*t on vires finance. They’ve got my money as well as yours. So continuing to bashing does nothing good for the project. Don’t sh*t on the hand that feeds you.

They stated they were going to be doing more work with some changes taking place next week. I believe they just haven’t finished the changes to the markets yet. There’s no need to be alarmed.

I have never shorted before in my life, I don’t like how it works… So thanks for letting an old man try something new, Waves team. Let’s see how much I can make back on this crash.

Ofc, As you guys keep saying… We couldn’t possibly know what would happen… But I did know. And now I’m making money on having known… Arrogant fools.<3

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