USDT/USDC interest real lower

Interest is not being paid correctly to suppliers of USDT (and probably USDC), right?

I’m checking daily interest for my supply, but are very few, far from 100%APY.

This is done to help accounts with millions of usdt/usdc borrowed? (the rumored wave team accounts).

I thought that these mechanisms could not be modified without proposal, but I also thought of canceling the loans and it has already been done.

I believe what you’re referencing is the payout you’re receiving, correct? If so, the admins stated in a previous post that the interest is still being accrued “under the hood”. They were, I believe, referring to the rewards received from locked VIRES tokens. You may not be receiving any rewards in USDC/T since there currently are no USDC/T to be paid out to suppliers as interest, since it’s all borrowed. Not completely sure if they’re going to backpay that as well.

Yes, I read about vires rewards. I think that no appear nothing about USDT suppliers APY, I don’t know what they are going to do with this, nor If they are charging below the ‘official’ APY to avoid liquidate some accounts.

I’m checking since you wrote.
I’m gettin around ~%72 APR (its a 15 hour test so nothing conclusive)
Thats what i should be getting also. So it seem correct for me .

Can you check again ?

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