USDN vesting withdrawal pause

It is no secret that the measure was taken unilaterally by one hand, as reasons given.

See well, the purpose of this thread is not to question or discuss about the decision making, method or reasons, since in fact there was an emergency, so let’s go ahead and get down to business:

TG member @sunchaser23 presented an idea, which was automatically assimilated as admissible as best practice in an adaptation by @shizzle135 and myself, that in theory defines the ability to withdraw USDN from vesting (remembering that there are not only bad players in the system), so let’s get to it.

It is possible to base the USDN vesting withdrawal limit based on the BR of the stablecoin, promoting that the withdrawal capacity will be directly related to the backing ratio.

In this way we could observe as example configuration only the following limit table:

BR 5% → 1k withdrawal
BR 10% → 2.5k withdrawal
BR 15% → 5k withdrawals
BR 20% → 7.5k withdrawal
BR 25% → 10k withdrawal

The configuration can be the most varied in its values, anyway the principle is to allow the capacity of absorption of the withdrawals by the market, making the responsibility subsidiary and more fair.

In conclusion, the effect may be directly proportional to the conditioning and possible increase in the BR of the neutrino project without prejudice to both.

We cannot forget that the peg of a stablecoin is also associated in much in its dilution in the existing open markets, in the concentration and density within the 1:1 spread of the order book, i.e., the investor in neutrino is not the only and exclusive responsible for the deppeg added to the evident risk that is the concentration of an excessive amount of a certain asset in the hand of a single speculator.

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I dont have USDN at vesting but this is a good idea. It’s effect is minimal because there is not much over 250k users in vesting. Its seems to me USDN can handle up to 250K per day selling pressure easily at this point so people should be able to get their money accordingly.

I support this idea. Even though its up to Sasha.

With respect

I have no problem to vest/freeze a part of my money for a longer duration. But just a part. I need to work with my money.

So freezing the money, forcing me to exchange it to USDN and now even freeze it, is not a way. And while everybody under 250k EUR isnt’t affected, unfortunately they freeze nearly all my money.

How vires is expecting to attract some money back on the platform, when they act as a black hole and can’t keep their deals?

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Can you make a proposal? Maybe offer USDN to more people

Unfortunately not

You don’t have the necessary amount of tokens needed to do a proposal or?

On one unique account no, but is not unique reason

When we made a proposal, we need make sure all execution details is fulfill, prevents unforeseen and effects happens, include directly responsibility of consequences.

I haven’t total info about everything, then is very easy make a mistake in process of planning proposal.

While team, with more knowledge about everything can adapt and adjust it in accordance with possibilities, and assume responsibility of propose presented I prefer it

For now just be favorable or against proposal is enough for me, i will not take risk propose something with consequence responsibility inside something i not have completely knowledge

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See how they’re not making any announcements anymore? Now they can lean back and simply not pay you back. This is how Russians operate. That’s what they’ve always done.

  1. Damage control and always repeat “the situation is under control”.
  2. Wait for the medial situation to calm down.
  3. Basically do whatever you like.

They have literally stolen more than half a billion dollars. Don’t let them do this to you. Stay active on social media and maybe even turn to law enforcement. They may be safe in Russia for now but not in the rest of the world.

SOOOOO good solution. Why don’t the team implement as soon as possible?