USDC threat, through perception of lack of safety at least

What is this? Just FUD?

Perhaps it is. I am only putting the idea out there for discussion. I am heavily vested in USDC so I would like to know what others out there in a similar position are thinking. Feel free to share any thoughts.

Personally I believe USDC is the most solid stablecoin, next to BUSD.

GUSD, I would rank 2nd

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Haha, everyone keeps saying FUD when I post facts and questions. I am only raising questions.

Yeah kind of a tough crowd

Believing only things can go the way you planned is dangerous

I mean… This is just an opinion piece…

Buuuut. Since I think Blackrock is one of the problems with society, my opinion is that anything they touch goes corrupt and I stay away.

Remember when twitter and facebook didn’t ban you for the tiniest thing? Yeah, then Blackrock and their sisterfirms became majority shareholders, and here we are.

That’s fair to say… I am shifting to the Gemini USD backed dollar