Total Debt>Supply by more than $13k


The currently supply and debt for the USDC staking pool reads

Total Supply
308 969 867.46 USDC
Total Debt
308 983 221.91 USDC

I do not see how the debt can exceed the supply that excessively and could imagine there is at least one account with a negative health to have these numbers. Are accounts with negative health automatically liquidated? If not, how does one go about to manually liquidate all those accounts?

Per the docs at, Liquidators' Guide -, there are particular console commands we are instructed to use.

Under the dapp at

I do not see any of those available commands.

Please advise, thank you.

I don’t know what actually happened (hack or exit scam) but it looks like the protocol is out of funds. Someone borrowed so much that it exceeded total supply. Sasha Ivanov doesn’t help much. The best way is to exit that scam by borrowing another funds…

very clearly explained what has been happening in that thread.

Have complete faith in the protocol, market forces will prevail, and sort itself outside out in the long term.

I was more curious than anything else and have no complaints.
Enjoy the ultra high APY while it lasts!

Well, the situation seems to be frozen until whale’ war is over. How is USDN protected?. Is the USDN backed by WAVES? It’s depegging quickly, more than UST some time ago