Time limited loan

Dear community,

My posts are constantly deleted for the truth. I know what’s going on here because I have analyzed the onchain data. I can’t write here again because we have censorship here.

Hereby I propose to set some TIME LIMIT ON BORROWED FUNDS. With APR for USDN 80% and 40% for USDC and USDT WAVES TEAM is not going to repay their “borrowed” funds.

Confirm, we need the propose to set some TIME LIMIT ON BORROWED FUNDS!

this will lead to the fact that there will be a bot that will borrow again in 0.000001 seconds after the expiration of the term.
it won’t help.

the best solution - that the more% of the liquidity will be taken on credit, the greater the cost of this credit
When a loan is expensive, it is repaid faster.
I insist - increase the cost of% of the loan after 80-90% of liquidity up to 120%
and after 90% - up to 150-200%.
and pay the extra cost only after the loan is repaid or liquidated.

You will not even believe how your system will flourish after such innovations.

potential monopoly of the 1st person - scares more and more every day. this creates a risk zone for small and medium investors. this is the cause of the outflow of users and capital.


Yeah I agree that the credibility of Vires is now broken due to WAVES Team “borrowing”. We may introduce some COOLDOWN period after which no one will be able to take a loan. This would give time for liquidity providers to get back their funds eventually.

Yeah the best way would be to increase % but I think it may result in endless and endless waiting until WAVES Team gets liquidated. Once they are liquidated you will get depegged USDN which will be worth like UST because of not having proper oracle price. Look at the USDN total supply, how fast it gets diluted over time.

I insist on time limiting loans. We have WAVES TEAM which is not going to repay their debt in current conditions. They just want to “borrow” normal stablecoins and give their “stablecoin” instead.

It’s a matter of time when people loose faith.

Look, the situation is dire. In spite of high yields no one is providing liquidity to the system.

Could you shut up? Like seriously.You’re not smart enough to have opinions about how to fix this platform.

If you have actual proof that waves is stealing, go report them to the fucking SEC. Watch them come like a bulldog. If you don’t then your constant talk about waves stealing, is nothing but trash.

Nevermind… You’re the guy who tells people to borrow other peoples money, with the intend of not paying it back. Thief calling others thieves, is a joke.

A little culture would be good for you.

Man, this is the tweak which can save the users from getting wrecked sooner or later.


Please guys discuss this seriously.

thief calling others thieves, wanna talk about culture. lol