Sustainability of the Vires platform from the perspective of Waves and USDN

Supposedly, the Waves have more than €630M as collateral. The total supply of USDN is 862M and gradually decreasing. If the Waves team remains stuck and is unable to repay the borrowed USDT/C with 40% APR, it will take 200 days for the gradual liquidation to start.

It is very likely that the crypto market will bottom out during this period. If not, and the price of Waves only goes down, then eventually the entire supply of USDN will remain exclusively in the hands of the Waves team. So, since there will always be a demand for USDN as a utility, they will have no problem maintaining a peg to the $.

After the collapse of LUNA and UST, there is no way to attract large amounts of money to Vires before the whole market starts to grow again. Thus, the current restrictions and frozen deposits will remain in place.

If we increase the USDT/C APR to 80%, there is a risk of faster liquidation of the Waves team and de-pegging of the USDN due to selling pressure from liquidators.
If we cut the USDT/C APR, perhaps the reduction in pressure will lead to a quicker resumption of repayments. I.e. maybe at 40%, the current debt repayment capacity is too slow to deliver meaningful debt relief?

It would be great if we could have a clear view of the situation and possible scenarios.