Stability Approach - USDN (Debt concept)

A lock and compromise proposal could be opened under the signature of a Smart Contract.

As you may well know, having so much USDN floating around from the whale sell-off is likely to cause too much instability.

I wonder if by signing a smart contract where the USDN of the debt is locked under a full payment estimation time, not a partial one, I could achieve with the reduced offer that the USDN is stable, since the contract could specify that the funds they are not circulating, maybe.

On the one hand, those who trust and decide to put their funds for much longer, can choose to make this decision, but with the total commitment to receive 100% of the corresponding refund.
On the other hand, users who prefer to limit themselves to the current conditions, can stay with the systems available in the protocol.

This could be executed using the Neutrino protocol, so the Vires.Finance platform is not the only option, perhaps Neutrino directly is the most viable option in the long run.

What is your opinion?

This approach goes from a realistic point of view, let’s say that if the majority of the capitals prefer a guaranteed return in the long term, it could give more oxygen to small investors on the one hand, and more security to those with greater purchasing power.

This should not invalidate the current options of, I would see it as insufficient, I already see improvements in the payment system with the Legacy option, which is certainly much more realistic, considering that vToken purchases have to be guaranteed.

In my opinion, by reducing the debt to a Smart Contract with the largest amount of supply out of circulation, these blocking measures could be reduced more quickly.

As always, this is just a proposal, perhaps more or less effective.

I am glad that you have implemented an automatic payment system.

PS: In Legacy, I would like the options to be clarified.
Does an investor who has acquired USDN with vTokens have the option to direct the funds to Legacy (Back or change the market)?
If not, it would be great if this option was available, at least for those people who opted for Vesting over the Legacy option.

@the_whale What do you think?