Set withdrawal limits as a percentage of account balance

I have a very large $250k+/- in USDC and it seems unfair I would have to wait several months to withdraw vs smaller account holders getting out much sooner. Instead of a flat rate USDN withdrawal limit why not make it a percentage of the account balance? I have not converted to USDN.

if you have not converted in USDN you need to wait Sasha repayment and withdraw voted with VIP-010

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The question becomes when, if ever, will they start to repay to open this back up for the withdrawals? And even then if you don’t have the assistance of bots one is at a distinct disadvantage.

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cant reply about bot activity; but some times ago, when utilization was not 100% withdraw limit were working fine

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wow. I’m finaly allowed to comment again.

Sasha won’t start repayments until peg is stable. And that won’t happen until the bear market is over and volume picks up. But that’s probably not too far into the future now, the fiat economy is about to see some extreme volatility, as the FED don’t like deflation. the interest hike is a temporary thing, they need people to start spending money to keep the economy going. My country is already seeing bankruptsies enmass because of the increased costs, and people not spending anything at all.

So expect loads of money printing soonish, loads of “airdrops” to regular Joe, who still won’t spend out of fear. Cuz only idiots spend a lot of money when the future is as uncertain as it currently is. The fed will keep printing, and eventually, when people have enough, they will throw the fiat at everything, and the inflation we’ve just seen, will be absolutely nothing compared with what’s to come.

That’s most likely when we’ll see an end to the bear market, and trade volume picking up again. Which is most likely when Sasha will start paying off debt, as more volume, means peg is easier to keep stable. (Technically, setting vires problems aside, peg would be hard to keep anyway, in this extremely low volume market)

If you don’t need the money, just convert it to SURF. You’ll get a shit deal since they waited until after the BR manipulation, but you’ll still make a good amount of money when BR is at 115…
If you need the money, well, don’t. You’ll be buying SURF at 4x market value, which is absolutely a shit deal. I’ll personaly either wait for Sasha to pay, or for BR to go down more again, or market to gain as much as BR is.

In any case, it’ll take a while, but not as long as it already have.


BR at 115… maybe future generations will see it… and in that case there will be a big queue of people wanting to change their SURF in USDN.

I don’t see that the team deals with their problems well, they just think about the same thing. They sank the Waves to save the USDN (benefiting people with the change, neutrinos team…), but in turn they make the value of Waves fall and therefore the BR.

Who controls everything? a drunk monkey?

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At least Vladimir and Vladimir is doing something valuable with Pluto, that might fix some of the errors with how waves and usdn is handled. So I’ve dumped pretty much all of my other waves related assets for that.

As long as they keep doing what they’re doing, I think we might get a proper functioning waves platform again.

Did buy some surf at like 0.075. But dumped it again the second they manipulated BR by removing the usdn stuck here, from being counted. That told me all I needed to know, Sasha have no intention of paying debt, until peg is 100% stable after BR 100 - 115.