Set WAVES/USDN/EURN Liquidation Threshold to 1, Max Borrow APR for all assets to 400

This is being proposed by an entity with a large long WAVES position to force one account out of a legitimate short WAVES position.
No thanks, I’d rather continue to get 105.44% APY on stables.


So we’re trying to pass a proposal that would instantly liquidate users on a whim? Who would ever use Vires again after this?


I think “No!”. This looks like a proposal to protect one large borrower of usdc/usdt (primarly this one 3PEEsRmcWspCxhKqobvKY3axW1846AMRwzr) and liquidate usdn /eurn/waves borrowers on an instant after activation. This will kill the protocol.


This is a terrible proposal. Just because we don’t like that a party took a big short position doesn’t mean we should change the protocol to target them back. They are using the platform as intended. Just let it play out and enjoy the rewards


Sounds like a good idea to me


Voting no. This proposal goes against the ethos of DeFi, is incredibly petty and is detrimental to the long term credible neutrality of Vires.


This proposal is absolute bullshit and u know it. Just because alameda has a large WAVES borrowed position you can’t fuck over every user who is using your platform legitimaly and also borrowing one of the assets provided.

I can guarantee you this will be the darkest day in Waves history if it passes.

It’s an absolute travesty this was even uttered in a governance forum, to make such an hamful proposal to the protocol that would manipulate price and liquidate thousand of your users willingly.



This will literally be against all retail investor interest


are you guys doxxed?

please don’t rug all your users


YAE. 40% is OK for me with ability to instant withdraw

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40% is better as it’s consistent with usual defi rates, 105% only scares people

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Absolutely NO!
1- Nobody will use Vires after this move
2- It’s beneficial to the huge USDT/USDC borrower

To be honest I’ve already started to lose trust.


What scares people is not been able to withdraw. And more than 70% of the USDC / USDT liquidity of vires was drained by a single wallet and this proposal only protects the interest of that particulary wallet.

It is a shame for the vires protocol and it would hurt us all hard.

Maybe waves token is under speculative attack but using the liquidity from retail users in vires to leverage a position to defend the token is unfair and would kill the protocol for sure. Also making proposals when most of the governance tokens are still in a few hands would also destroy the newborn DAO .

I DO AGREE to force a margin call (or increase the liquidation threshold) in order to regain equilibrium in the system considering the situation. But I DO NOT AGREE to cap the max borrow APR because I do want that the huge USDT/USDC borrow position against USDN as collateral to be reduced as soon as posible too.

I also would like to propose a limit in the total amount of funds (or percentaje of the pool) that a single account can borrow and a transparency policy to disclouse in the position of the related parties wallets.

I have not enough locked vires to create the proposal nor voting power to push theese ideas. I am a no one here but I am close to lost everything. I can only ask the team to reason and behave with cavaldry. Please fix this mess.

If I am wrong (I could be because I have only partial information) please enlight me and accept my apologies.


And how is Vires responsible to protect the Waves ecosystem?

Vires should be responsible to protect lender’s funds and keep it’s own procotol working as intended only.

Changing the rules “temporarily” will hurt the trust we have in the protocol way more than anything.

I know it’s annoying for users that are afraid that something is wrong with Vires and trying to exit their lending positions, but if that’s the problem just make a post to educate users about this possibility (as it’s already written in the Vires documentation).

Market will correct itself in the long term.


Do I get it right?
If this will be about to pass, people loose trust in vires/waves, start selling, price will dump and the account that borrowed to have a short position gain so they win, then just before deadline they repay and still win ?

Plus this proposal looks like a market manipulation forcing people to get out of their positions on a whim - changing the rules in the middle because we don’t like how the platform is being currently used within its rules seems just wrong…


I have been holding Waves since 2017. I really liked the culture and thought it’s good to have competition for layer 1 protocols.

This isn’t so much of a Legitimate protocol proposal. it is pure manipulation and robbery. If this passes then essentially the ecosystem is destined to die. Hard NO!


BIG NO from me this is not a suitable idea if this occurs not only will it damage the ecosystem but it will reduce trust from members.


I don’t know who proposed this (is there a way to check?) but this is a horrible idea. All it does is prove that the FUDsters are correct, and ruin all trust in the WAVES ecosystem. If you want to protect Waves from those trying to short during this FUD campaign, then we should be making it easy for those supplying WAVES to move their WAVES to protected so they can stop short sellers from borrowing it.


Much better idea! Thanks QuadraQ!

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don’t you see the manipulation and centralization since day one?
how can you all be that blind?
this is not about fud, it’s facts

waves goal was always to increase centralization, they control YOUR funds now with vires too! you’ve been fooled by the great huge APY and now your funds are gone, USDN is a JOKE, look at its peg and laugh.

this proposal will only protect the team which is manipulating the price day after day, don’t be dumb, get out asap before it’s too late, whoopsie, you can’t your real stables are gone forever, welcome to waves!