Set daily withdrawal limits for USDT and USDC

You can try it again by refreshing the website.

yes it worked now thanks. Do you know if withdrawals will be enabled 24 hours after I withdrew? or every day after 0:00hs UTC or something time?

See withdrawal of supply.

It’s interesting :thinking:

I found USDT supply more than debt 1M for an hour, no one want to withdraw, and no bot want to borrow.

Compare to the vote of daily withdraw 1000U Succeed.

This proposal was a good call, good job. Today I was able to withdrew all of my pending rewards and I bought more VIRES :slight_smile:


So this is actually implemented now?

Yes but 1000 limit is absurd and meaningless. All tiny investors will get their money in 2 days and all the rest will wait for months to withdraw all their money.


If you are in a hurry, it is possible to export V tokens and sell them on the market (at a discount)

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I wrote this somewhere else on here but $1000 is better than $0 if you want to get money out. If you’re afraid everything is imploding and you’ll never see your money again, as others have stated, you can sell the vTokens for a loss (but at least you get money out).

I’m pretty hopeful things stabilize over time, I just personally realized that I probably put too many eggs in one basket, so I’d like to work on shuffling some stables around. This helps at least move things in a positive direction I feel.

I’m sorry if your particular situation is still not great (truly). It’s tough times right now in many different ways.


No,it doesn’t make much sense for the tiny investor as well.

The problem wasn’t “big” investors getting 5-10k every day, it was them getting 100k’s everyday. Limiting the withdrawal to 5k or 10k would prevent them blocking the system anyway, 1k is just non-sense.

It looks like USDC is more popular than USDT.
Today 4M of USDC are released and all of the quota are taken out.

It’s not bad to wait and get 43% apr.


Yes it is, I was able to withdraw a max of 1K USDC (as long as supply lasts of course). Looking good.

What time did you have to do that? I was up at 6am in Arizona and the supply was all gone.

I use this Twitter Alert bot for notifications @


Thank you!!! Very much appreciated!

Small investors appear to have almost made it out.
How about relaxing the daily limit to $3,000?


Yeah should be done. We should also increase USDT and USDC APY lending and borrowing

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I can. not even withdraw 1k. “Market available” is always $0. Is there something I am missing or are my funds stuck for ever.

Yes, You should assume your funds are stolen. Why?

  1. Waves Thief Team “borrowed” all the USDC and USDT funds for USDN that was printed by them on their private blockchain (No DAO at all).
  2. They took the funds in stablecoins and they are setting the APR on their own. They are doing this to not to repay their loans.
  3. They don’t have any stablecoins on their WAVES account (I have checked their addresses). They must have spent them on booming the WAVES token to 50$.
  4. Once they are liquidated (maybe someday…) you will get their glorious USDN token. It means they just swapped their tokens for normal stablecoins. Once this happens, there will be a flood of worthless USDN tokens which will depeg quickly.
  5. This protocol has nothing to do with DAO.

BTW, You can always borrow some funds and exit this scam.

Aaaah yes, the good old “someone stole from you, so quickly steal from someone else” mentality.

Let’s get one thing clear… You’re a moron,. Waves literally just moved from safe haven for scammers, to the US… You do not want to be in the US if you do a scam of that magnitude. You go in a box for life, the IRS and SEC hates competition and loves easy money. Waves would have them kicking in their doors for this amount, insanely fast. And I’m saying this as someone who loathes government. This is the only thing they’re good at.

But your mentality shows what kind of person you are however. A thief… Yes, that’s what you just proposed, borrow someone elses money, with intention of not paying it back. You can’t be taken serious either.