Restore the supply/borrow APR to orignal values

Now that has again enough liquidity can we restore the APR values?
This would clearly motivate people to supply even more funds. #WDYT

Increase supply/borrow APR to original values?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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When changed to 40% it was mentioned this would be a temporary fix.

The APR cap was completely unrelated to liquidity. IMHO it was introduced to punish Alameda for FUD by locking up its funds and making it less difficult for the Waves team who borrowed (locked up) all of Alameda’s USDN(C). The Waves whale could now return 100% as Alameda is locked in effectively (by 1k daily limit and V-token import and redeem lock), but looks like the USDN peg needs some support while the WAVES price still hasn’t found the bottom.

obviously the usdn=1$ variability and waves=nsbt antitripage should be resolved. Also, by depositing usdn, the usdn/usdt withdrawal rate should be reduced by 60%. Stablecoins (usdt/usdc ) should not be borrowed due to the value volatility of the usdn value. instead btc, eth and wave should be shown as collateral and stablecoins should be withdrawn.