Reset Time of the daily limit for withdrawing vested USDN

Hi guys,
sorry but i’m quite noob and i don’t know how or where read at witch time of the day the daily limit to withdraw vested USDN reset. I woould like to start withdrawing my 100 daily maxmum but i always find that the cap is reached.

Thank you so much to who can help!

you may like to refer to my reply on automatic delivery as well as my reply to vip30 motion.

the withdrawal start time of the day is just pure chaos. website limit exceeded due to high load. withdrawal full of bots. i tried many times for withdrawal, but just never be able to take any usdn.

something should be done by the team for automatic withdrawal to our wallet.

Hi @pino1989

The adaptive vesting started at block 3368160 and the limit resets every 1440 block (approximatively every 24 hours). Next block is 3 378 240.

To know the blocks status you just have to go on a blockchain explorer.

Hope it can help

Good luck friend

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