Question about crosschain transfers

Does anyone know if you are bridging crypto from Waves to another blockchain such as BEP-20, is there any way to check on the recipient (not the waves recipient address but rather on the intended blockchain you are transferring to/final destination) address after you submit the withdrawal order? I cannot seem to be able to locate that information on the waves blockchain explorer.

So for example if I bridge 1k USDT from waves to address “XYZ” on BEP-20, after I make that transaction, I can see the 1k funds transferred to another waves address on the waves explorer and eventually should see it on BSC scanner for “XYZ.” Is there anyway to view the intermediate step where you can view the funds going from waves to “XYZ” on BEP-20 on the waves explorer (where it actually reveals the intended address and blockchain as “XYZ” and “BEP-20” especially if there is a significant delay in receiving the funds and it is not showing up on the BSC chain explorer?


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I faced the same problem already twice.
Looks like withdrawals get stuck and transaction from WAVES to BEP-20 is not being initiated.
After almost 12 hours in “in progress” then status changed to “pending approval”.
It’s like this for 2 days already…
Does anybody know how to get it fixed?