Proposal to address 100% or above pool utilization

Would propose that if utilization for whenever any pool reaches or exceeds 100%, there be auto-liquidation to revert the utilization rate to 99.9% where any debtor for that pool with negative account health would have their collateral liquidated (in addition to toggling the “collateral” button, there should be a toggling “preferred collateral to auto-liquidate with negative health” for any borrower) to always maintain at least a small amount of liquidity in any given pool.

If someone has enough gVires, please put forth the proposal.

Please do not put forward this proposal.

You absolutely can not steal from people in this way. If their account health is above liquidation, you don’t just come and fuck them over, cuz there’s 100% utilization. I’m sorry, but what the actual fuck is wrong with your greedy ass? I’m glad you don’t have gvires.

You have a very fair point and that was a roughdraft.

Addended the proposal per above.

It is my understanding that accounts with negative health are not auto-liquidated and if they are, only partially, this proposal would automate the process for any un-liquidated accounts if there are any extreme liquidity deficit issues.

I agree. Autoliquidation would be nice, so we don’t have to rely on liquidators paying attention to thousands of accounts. They have to call it first, I belive.?

There is up to 50% liquidation… Tho it should obviously be possible to get 100% liquidated, if your debt is large enough… I’d definitely vote for these 2 things to be implemente, depending how it’s done.