Proposal: Reduce Liquidation threshold for USDT/USDC to 0.90

The following equation represents the used borrow capacity of a user, as a function of all its borrows:


If borrow capacity, BC, which is instead a function of user deposits and other parameters, fall below the used borrow capacity defined above, BCU, then health makes negative and user can start to be liquidated.

BCU is inversely proportional to liquidation thresholds, and specially for USDT/USDC, it is too close to 1 (0.95 actually). This value allows to be to borrow too close to supply before liquidation is possible. I propose to reduce LT for USDT and USDC to 0.90, which is healthier.

This change must be preceded by a change like proposed on Proposal: make withdraw limit dynamic according to available liquidity in order to avoid sharp squeeze of liquidity that may severely affect current borrowers through a sharp increase on interest rates.

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