PROPOSAL: LIMIT and/or BAN USDN on vires platform

Due to excessive usage of depegged USDN by whales and lack of proper price oracle we should consider LIMITING USDN on vires platform. No one should be allowed to borrow funds for 100% USDN collaterall.
USDN should be allowed max 10-20% for collaterall, rest should be supplied in normal stablecoins or BTC or ETH. Current loans should be time limited to progressively rebuild USDN collateral.

Otherwise USDN will be next UST.


Anyone taking this dude serious, remember that he thinks you should put up “worthless” usdn as collateral and borrow something else without ever paying it back. Cuz “waves are thieves”.

And this is the dumbest proposal to date, just as dumb as capping interest on debt.

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