Problems with liquidation


so I found an account with the following supplies:
8 WAVES, 1160 USDT
ans 1160 USDT Borrow. It’s health is -30% and I want to liquidate it.

The first problem that occured what that I am not able put USDT reserve as parameters br and cr as they must not be same. Why is that?

Second problem: I tried liquidating the WAVES. But I can only liquidate like 0.05 USDT at a time if I try to do more I get the error “Error while executing account-script: more than 1/factor of saldo: debt=1162645098, liquidateDebtAmount = 30000000” (that would be 30 USDT for liquidating half of the WAVES supply). I get that I cannot liquidate more than 50%, but I am nowhere near that limit.

Anyone can help me out?

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what is his address?

Since it was liquidated already: 3PG2hfKakD4TmpQ3znzoHp7nY54idkrT33z
In the telegram group I was advised to use the foreCollapse function to liquidate if supply and borrow is in the same asset. But I am pretty sure it just forces the borrower to repay and no actual transfer of debt and supply takes place.