Opinions on proposed US regulation and if it will affect USDC?

I am seeing a lot of things pop up about this. Here is an example below. I welcome any opinions on the subject. I fear over regulation could affect its peg. I believe USDC is the most reliable and “stable” stablecoin but our current government administration has purposely been destroying our country from day one of the changeover of power early 2020. I fear they also want to somehow weaken perception of anything crypto or stablecoin to pave the way for a US CBDC establish more control over the citizens.

wait till they find out about 3pool :smiley:

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yes. US regulations will affect USDC. Circle have already locked wallets of of people associated with Tornado, before government even asked, “just in case”. MakerDAO is fighting it, it seems. Migrating collateral from USDC chain to Ethereum, I just skimmed it mostly, but long story, yes, US regulation will definitely have and effect, when Circle can do what they’re doing. .

USDn is technically better, since USDn is backed by waves, not by USD… USD is crashing, so USDC being pegged to USD, will be its downfall anyway.