Locked VIRES revenue not paying proper USDT and USDC

Today I earned way less locked VIRES revenue than I should have. I compared my current Claim Revenue screen with the locked VIRES calculator. The USDT and USDC payouts are way lower than they should be.

same issue for me is happening

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Yep same here. I’m assuming this is affecting everybody. Not surprising I guess considering the current situation.

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Same here. First questions:

  1. Will the platform re-balance by itself, with its current mechanics, or do we need to vote ASAP for a fix? 2. And what would the fix would be?
  2. And would we need a separate short-term fix in place?
    @mrpibles thank you for your effort to propose a viable solution Proposal to solve current issues.
    Note the ongoing vote " Set WAVES/USDN/EURN Liquidation Threshold to 1, Max Borrow APR for all assets to 400" which seems to be quite an extremist move with possible huge negative implications for the whole ecosystem. Seems it could be a short term big profit attempt and dangerous for the rest of us?

They should at least compensate us with an increase in USDN or waves if they are going to start hoarding the “hard currency” cryptos.


“They” sounds kinda dubious within DeFi context? lol


Agreed, but we all know there are people “behind the curtain” in vires which became the center of a war against waves and its stablecoin. They will protect the waves ecosystem just by the amount of vires they hold.

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Income is accumulated for distribution when borrower pays debt. It doesn’t increase automatically.

The APY is calculated based on how much was collected in a certain time frame and multiplied by a day/month/year and then divided by token price, just as an example.


It’s clear that the current revenue problem is connected with the actual Waves/USDT/USDC/USDN situation but I think, the calculator formula should be changed now as it doesn’t show the real income. I should be rewarded with about $90/day (according to the calculator), I’m rewarded with $14 instead. New users will be very surprised locking the Vires and expecting revenue shows by income calculator :slight_smile:


The current APR is definitely incorrect, im assuming though that this will be corrected or is it an issue of the funds not actually being available in order to pay the rewards to us?

Whatever. It should be corrected just for the clear information.
I’m sure there is no available USDC/USDT tokens now but I think, if the whole protocol survive, the reward may be paid later but it should be paid in correct amount.

As far as I understand the problem is not a lack of liquidity, the funds are just not being distributed properly. This is the contract which is responsible for the staking dividends:

Well, maybe you are right but it would be quite strange then. Anyway, any ideas if it gonna be changed, or to be more precisious, changed to proper distribution ratios?