Locked vires apr now 4%?

Seems like every time something changes it benefits everyone but the investors. Nice con game.

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Yes, you should have sold all unlocked vires while the “guaranteed” usdn payment were there.

I dunno who the hell is buying at the moment, but you still have a small chance to dump as much as possible right now.

If you chose to keep relocking to get as much usdn out of it as possible. that’s on you.

Vires APR was like 200%+/- and went to 4% overnight. It would have been several months before most of the vires would have unlocked anyway so…unless you are suggesting I sold them at a discount being locked?

I’m saying you had 3 months from the “guaranteed usdn” was started. You could have dumped the 3 months worth of unlocked vires, like everyone else did.

Now someone is buying up vires for whatever reason. So you can dump some more.

If you on the other hand relocked your vires to get maximum usdn payout, that is on you. You can’t complain. It very clearly had a countdown on the claim page, for when the “guaranteed usdn” would stop being there. If it surprised you that APR went to zero after the “guaranteed usdn” stopped being there, I dunno what to say man.

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I’m getting a dollar a day for 400 locked vires still haha. Dumped what I could during the “bonus” period but still, no way I could dump them all. Now, there’s no point to dumping under 15 bucks for me. I will just ride it out for a few years and see what comes of Vires. Fuck me…

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