Liquidity pool for LPs

Just a notice that set up a liquidity pool for USDC_LP, USDT_LP and USDN.

If you’re unwilling to sell directly at a loss, you can supply there and get a bit extra out of your money. The more liquidity the pool gets, the more stable the price.

Do keep in mind… If you export your supply as LPs, you won’t be able to bring it back to withdraw it until we’re below 80% utilization. So if you hope to get full amount when liquidity becomes available, before the liquidity problems are over, don’t take out LPs to put in the pool.

If you bought on DEX at a discount tho, throwing them as liquidity could be a good choice, since, well. Same reason as above, you can’t import them yet anyway, and I’m sure you already know how a liquidity pool works…