Import Token

A simple consideration. When will it be possible import LP_token (Ex USDT/USDC)? Is going to take years before the rate of utilization drop below 80%, especially when you are payed 10% of interest for money borrowed at 2%.

Since you want to import, I assume you bought LPs on market… So, you’re only getting 1.82%. Since the 10% includes Vires bonus, which is only if you’ve locked for 12 months.

It goes somewhat like this at current price of vires:
5.85% bonus if lock is 3 months
7.32% bonus if lock is 6 months
8.78% bonus if lock is 12 months.

Either way, yes, you’ll have to wait until Sasha starts paying his interest free debt, which he won’t until after we enter a new bull market, since the only way to keep peg, is with a lot of new volume coming into waves.