How to withdraw USDN with Vesting?


It seems that USDN withdraw is limited to 100 USDN per day but when? which datetime?
Bot seems to take everything…
How to proceed for human like us… ?

Thanks for support and maybe change the account allowed to withdraw every day ? to be fair…

vires should repay to supplier wallet auto per day, rather than ask us to claim like begging.

Let us indicate our intent to withdraw, then vires should repay.

today is 842 withdrawal in 1 minute. i can withdraw 0 for 3 days. make the repayment automatic is the key.


is there any clarity on how this works? this is terrible what’s happening… not only because it’s only 100 usdn x day but also because when I click withdraw there is a message popping up saying that all withdrawals are paused for vesting or something like that?.Is there any documentation that explains?


problem solved… now withdraw is stopped…

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Is everyone having a good time? Not the party I was told this was going to be. Between inflation and 1000 other places I could have my funds hard at work I am hemmoraging losses being cornered here.


is the vires team watching our grief here? we supplied liquid, now converted to stone. worst still , the stone drill is now paused. you can’t even get back a tiny bit a day. And NO ONE apologizing with a SOLID date or resumption.

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is there anywhere to follow up on this? this is terrible… no clarity on when will this be unlocked?

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It would be fair if we got the opportunity to withdraw the vesting for each day of waiting for a pause.

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  1. paused vesting for 1 week
  2. team did nothing, announce nothing
  3. wait till next week
  4. goto 1)

yeah, they will fix all next week …

who will fix what? where is that written?

dont know but is always next week…

but where is that being annonced? where can that be monitored? who can we blame at least? for this centralized finance protocol?