Formal complaint Telegram group

Good day everyone,

I know the forum is quite dead, actually the only main way to communicate with the community is through their telegram group.
The Vires.Firance moderators on Telegram ban every single person that is sharing factual information that isn’t bullish.

They even reported me to telegram and I got banned from posting on any groups. I literally asked questions about the protocol state.

I have never seen a more corrupt and centralized protocol in my life, it’s disgusting.

The mods on Telegram even encourage new users to supply to super risky markets saying how safe Vires is and how well liquidation works.

Anyone has a good grasp of the whole Vires story and would be willing to share it with Coffeezilla?

Vires will probably be in the top 10 protocol where users lost the most money in crypto. It’s just so slowly happening cause it’s centralised that people don’t realize it yet.


I agree with you but nobody cares about.
They forgot that WE HAVE A LOT OF MONEY STRUCK OVER THERE, usdn has lost his peg and maybe we loose a lot of money. When some month ago USDN was 0.70$ they say that was all ok… and ban all people who say … “hey boy are you sure that usdn did not loose definitely his peg”. —> banned FUD.

now everyday situation worse… usdn now is 0.33, website isnt’ loading properly to witdraw our 50 usd … i dont know if they are retarded.

We have deposited USDC/USDT then forced to convert into USDN… then renamed it into a shitcoin that nobody want…

I think a SEC report, as like some user in reddit say… will adjust some situation… maybe we did not get our money back but it will the same as now…

It’s pretty clear that Sasha has deceived Vires investors.

First, features were constantly enabled and disabled without votes. But let’s leave that aside, after all, Sasha can claim that this is what the system is supposed to do in case of an emergency.

It is scary that both USDT and USDC were turned into so-called legacy funds and we all know that the Vires team has the sole decision-making power.

Then Sasha misled USDT/USDC suppliers into converting their supplies into USDN supplies. During that time he claimed several times that Neutrino would be made “undepeggable”. Now USDN is far from being pegged.

Actually, already here you can clearly speak of deception but it gets better: now they’ll introduce new bridges, i.e. the old USDT and USDC tokens will be deprecated. What does that mean? He is probably trying to pull off a Coinomat again. Plain theft.

Sasha has repeatedly misled investors and we have all the evidence to prove it. I’m curious to see if Sasha really has the balls to give the remaining USDT and USDC suppliers the middle finger. After all, we are talking about over USDC and USDT worth over 100 million.

I myself supplied large amounts of USDT on Vires. I’m curious to see what happens to the legacy funds after the new Bridges are introduced.

On the one hand, I really trust Sasha to do that, but on the other hand, I can’t imagine anyone being that insane because the same fate as Sam will await him. In that situation, I would also be willing to spend large amounts of money to bring him to the attention of both the media and the authorities. In the end, it’s a matter of principle.