"During high market utilization, the accrued revenue can only be claimed partially"

Above a certain amount of Accrued revenue, it is impossible to claim everything. Is it possible to have more info about this, the maximum daily claim limit, from which the claim is locked, what does partially mean? And what a “high market utilization” is ?

As far as I understand there is no fixed rate on what you will or will not be able to claim. It depends on the availability of liquidity and is currently affected by all the USDT/USDC being fully borrowed out. As interest is not paid automatically it can take some time for your accrued assets to become available for claiming as interest will be paid eventually.

If you look at the difference between your accrued revenue and what you can claim you will see that you can claim all the of the accrued assets fully except USDT/USDC which are fully borrowed out.

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