Can we still trust this team?

It’s been so long, why hasn’t the team come up with the correct motion for everyone to vote on? Who initiated the last two votes? Which whale’s interests are represented?
The key to solving this problem is to increase the apy limit for lending. If the liquidity is 0, and the lending apy is 1000% or 10000%, will anyone still borrow it? Where is the Vires team? Why not put forward the right motion on behalf of a broad range of ordinary people and move things forward?


Its because its the waves team borrowing the USDC/T. Why would they want to pay more interest for their loans? Would you? Waves team has been using Vires.Finance as their personal bank using USDN as thier collateral which they can create from Waves. The higher the value of Waves, the greater amount of USDN they can create, giving them the ability to borrow more and more USDC/T.


So the team is dead and they sacrificed all the people who supported them for their own benefit. The first step is to ask for a lower loan interest rate, and the next step is to vote for debt forgiveness, right?

That’s not quite the case.

At this point in the grand scheme of things it’s still in the Waves and Vires teams’ interest for the ecosystem to thrive. If they didn’t plan on paying back the loans they wouldn’t have bothered to vote with their Vires tokens before the deadline for the borrow APR to be capped at 40%.

This ecosystem has quite a bit going for it and although this is a clear setback, I believe it is temporary. There has also been some issues in the past although not quite as big.

Just be patient and you’ll likely see your money back with the large amount of interest that was paid on it until 2-3 days ago and arguably even now.

Can we still trust this team?

Simple answer is NO.