Automatic delivery

This idea seems very good to me.
Perhaps handing out the corresponding parts with a waiting list in numerical order could work.
How do you see it?


welcome :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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So, some “hello” by the team??? did they read Vires forum???


I was told by the Dev group that it was a secondary option, that the systems they implement in the current Roadmap should theoretically not fail. In case they fail, my proposal would be considered :unamused: :smiling_face_with_tear:

Good to hear. But $500/day is pretty much useless with larger amounts like mine. It would take 1.3 years of daily withdrawals for mine. And that is a massive risk of USDN coming further unpegged. I’m all USDC.

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you’re all usdc strucked

Read this to see what you think Vires Finance Strategic Plan: Update | by Vires.Finance | Vires.Finance | Oct, 2022 | Medium

Personally, I’m not beaten, the only thing holding me back are the LP’s that I bought on sale at the time ^^

  • Stay in the legacy markets with 2% APY, with repayments not guaranteed.

Now Sasha is just saying he don’t actually intend to pay the debt. loooooool

  1. Vires Team will stake all the USDN in vesting, and Neutrino will initiate proposal to redirect 95% of native WAVES staking rewards to USDN staking (would result in ~10% APY.)

NSBT stakers are now expected to forfeit their measly payout, to fund this and bailout Sasha. lmao

Everything is done to protect Sasha, and they don’t give a shit about the rest of us… WX included… They changed contract from IDO, blocking people from getting their USDN with the typical “you can just take WX instead” and lose half your money. Like the SURF deal, you’ll lose 75% instantly. It’s rediculous.

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Yes, here I quite agree, this is really complicated.
Already with the modification of the Smart Contract in Waves Exchange it is normal for people to be super pissed off and distrustful.
I made another proposal, let’s see what you think:

Honestly, few ideas come to mind after what happened…
But hey, I’ll try to keep coming up with ideas.

i have suggested it in Sept. does any from team listen? do they care about our suggestions?

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