As we approach 100% utilization on USDC/T. Let's think of some ideas

As the tile suggests we are quickly approaching 100% utilization on both USDC and USD pairs

Let’s try to stay positive and have helpful feedback… It looks like there are other threads similar to this. We should have a mega thread…

One idea, I had was to offer USDN to more than those people who are over $250,000. It is a one year payback and payments made once a day. (That’s my understanding)

The other idea that others suggested was to add more tokens from the waves ecosystem.

Your feedback would be appreciated!

the objective of the proposals has failed and utilization has returned do 100%… easily predictable


Pretty sure I said this back before the trash proposals…

Only idiots and gamblers would lock usdc/t on vires with the risk of never getting it back. There is no more money coming in, until all the issues have been solved… And since all the focus is solely on keeping peg, and constantly failing at that, there is no fixing the actual issues with the platform.

I’ve suggested ways to fix it before. no one cares tho, cuz waves is smarter than everyone else. So while I will stop fighting, I’m not gonna help out either. I made my money back shorting, I couldn’t care less.

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LOL, I described the situation 3 months ago. It was pretty sure there would be no liquidity as soon as the lock releases :slight_smile: I have no time to check how many addresse was created during locking just to find work around for $1000 withdraw limit but seems it was enough to withdraw all money now hahahahaha.
That’s why I locked only half LP tokens…

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Another Nostradamus, is there else that predicted USDC/T lack of liquidity?

When I posted, I wasn’t thinking what the h*ll happened to USDC/T liquidity…

It was to try and provide some solutions to the current problems…

There was a discusion (3months ago) about the weird proposal about locking system. If you spent some time reading the topic you will probably see many opinions and suggestions that were described. Now, as the locking proposal has passed and all possible scenarios were described, we can only laugh especially because me (and others who tried to warn the community that the proposal would drain the system and was easy way to avoid withdrawal limit were accused of conspiracy :slight_smile:

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Yeah what’s done is done… Thought this was not a bad idea. USDN vesting withdrawal pause

Anyhow on to other things…

I’d just like the option of withdrawing some, not all. I did not know what I was getting into months ago with this. The returns are great but not if they’re locked up forever obviously. Why can’t we put in place a more aggressive way to force borrowed funds to be liquidated if it stays at 100% utilization beyond day, a week, whatever? This isn’t working the way I was hoping.

I think we all would like the option of withdrawing some. Even, if it is USDN vesting… But even that is postponed.

They have not shown a willingness to cut debt as it is decentralized according to Sasha in the latest interview (that was my understanding)

You were others could put together a proposal to do so. Whether it would be implemented is another question…

I hope things turn around but I’m not real optimistic.

sure…here 2% APY :smiley: