ADD BUSD to VIRES environment

Hi, i think it can be a great idea to give more liquidity to Vires ecosystem to add Busd (BSC20) to vires environment.

This will give more liquidity to our protocol and vires holder can earn one more revenue.

I hope community,vires team and boss sasha will agree.

thanks and have fun :slight_smile:

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LOL, that’s the best description of DAO :slight_smile:


@japu i know… i know :smiley:

I mean… Logically speaking, you want as many assets on a lending platform as possible.

I think every waves related projects token should be added. (Except NSBT, now that they say NSBT will be phased out for whatever they’ll do instead. Or what ever it was.) And waves should stop pretending like they aren’t one big team, when everyone knows they are.

And ofc, assets from other chains should be added too.

I have no interest in locking more vires as it is now. BTC, ETH and waves, pays basically zero to gvires… And I don’t want stables… USD is gonna crash, it’ll fuck stables completely, since they’re pegged to dollar value, instead of something else.

I’d basically vote yes to add any new asset.

But fuck this part;

I’m not here to make Sasha happy. I’m here to make myself happy.

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me too, but basically “agree” is not the same of happy

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I know I know. I’m just being a dick, cause I’m angry at myself for thinking there’d be some sort of progress by now. But it’s been quite the opposite.

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I bought a ton of LPs. Locked half, so they’re stuck, and the rest is worthless if I sell back to dex. And I’m rewarded with Sasha being arrogant on twitter, with his “haters gonna cry” attitude, pandering to his loyal cult members from #wavesarmy.

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take a look…up at this